Are you ready to go from ordinary to extraordinary?

From just being in charge of your business – to actually being in command of it!

No matter where you are in your business development, from start up to sale, we specialize in partnering with owners like you to hit your goals and transform your life!

Let’s face it – EVERYTHING is riding on the success of your business.

It’s your baby and the lifeblood of your family.  When it isn’t doing well – everyone suffers. When it isn’t meeting expectations it leads to stress, frustration, and uncertainty that can leave you feeling paralyzed.  There is no question you are working hard, yet how do you make sure to get the results you want from your business?

Each phase of your business has its own set of challenges.

There is a saying in business: “What got you ‘here’, won’t get you ‘there’.”  It means that no matter how successful and good you are at what you do, the next step will require new skills, new disciplines and, most importantly, new paradigms on how you see yourself and your business.

It is why so many people plateau and can never figure out why or what they need to do to keep moving forward.



When you are sitting in the owner’s chair, your only job is to increase the value of your business. (YES, even when you have only first gotten started).  You accomplish this by setting the conditions for ongoing success in your business and pulling the levers that drive the business up the curve.

The truth of it is, is that the business is a reflection of you and where you are in your development as an owner.  Too often, people complain about the economy, or difficult employees, or even challenging customers as the reason they cannot seem to get ahead.  The good news is that there isn’t almost anything external that is responsible for your success or failure – it is almost exclusively internal.

If this idea of total personal responsibility is too much for you to handle, then save yourself the time and stop reading here and get back to spinning your wheels (it’s important to look like you are busy).

But on the other hand, if you are excited about the idea that everything you are looking to accomplish is within your control, then keep reading and get excited about the vast possibilities in front of you.

Ready to learn more about how you can develop yourself and your business into the experience you want it to be?


As a young entrepreneur still in college, I started my own painting company.  It was something I was familiar with and I knew I could handle the physical labor required.

As it quickly grew, I started to hire people to keep up with demand and before I knew it, I was so busy with getting new business and hiring new painters and that I was doing very little, if any, actual painting during the week.  The crazy thing was that I was actually making more money than I ever did working 80 hour weeks!  

Then it hit me – I made more money when I was building the company than I could ever make painting no matter how hard or how many hours I worked…

That was an inflection point. From that moment on I never saw business the same way again, and I had many other moments just like that throughout my career. As I studied high performing leaders and prolific thinkers in the space, I realized this to be a recurring theme. Once you have a true mental and professional inflection point, there’s no going back.

What makes it different than everyday growth or success is the deep underlying sense of knowing. With each inflection point, a leader knows they can trust themselves to replicate success over and over again. A leader knows they are no longer a victim to circumstance. A leader knows, without doubt, that growth is within their control.

Think about that for a moment.

That is an incredibly empowering piece of knowledge and you will never learn it from a book. It can only be engineered… and I’ve spent my professional life decoding the pressure points and circumstances it takes to make critical inflection points happen.

Together, we explore new areas of personal and professional development where success is your baseline and breakthrough moments are always the goal.

Ready to learn more about how you can develop yourself and your business into the experience you want it to be?

Every Founder Knows That Feeling

stepping into a new reality and the feeling of empowerment as we grow into the person we choose to be.

While we all start off chasing it, unfortunately too often as what “got us here” stops working we first start simply trying harder and when that doesn’t produce the results we want, we let our initial success make us complacent while others continue to push the boundaries excited to learn what they are truly capable of.

I’ve been on both sides of that equation and have dedicated myself and specialize in getting from one to the other.

Success IS NOT achieved by catching lightning in a bottle or being lucky.

The good news: success is built off of laws as rock solid and dependable as gravity and all you have to do is to learn and apply them properly into your business and success is sure to follow!

So whether you are just getting started, looking to grow and scale, or ready to sell your business, there are clear and specific things that need to be addressed in your business so that you are not just building your business but rather developing and growing an asset that will pay you well every day you own it and fund the retirement you deserve after all of your hard work.

It's Your Company

Your Journey

And most importantly, your legacy - be bold. thrive, and get paid for all of your hard work!

So, if you would like to learn more about how you can develop yourself and your business into the productive, profitable and pleasurable experience you want it to be, then choose one of the following 3 options to learn more:


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