How Do You Navigate The Complex World Of Selling Your Business?

You Partner With The Right Business Broker!

You have worked hard and sacrificed more than you care to admit to build your business.

It’s not just your baby – it also has a significant role to play in your retirement.
YOU know how great it is. YOU know how much potential there is still yet to be harvested but will the BUYER appreciate all you have accomplished and built for them?

This is a critically important time. One that can be filled with dreams come true and a payout that sets you up for life OR it can be a tricky, difficult and costly time.

It is a time that if navigated properly makes all of the difference as you move into the next stage of your journey.

You could not only walk away with less than you need from your business – you could be left with so much exposure and risk that it could cost you more to sell it than to just shut it down and board up the doors.

That’s where we come in.

Inflective is a fully licensed business broker agent and we have partnered with the top Business Brokerage in the country – First Choice Business Brokers.

First Choice are THE experts in packaging and marketing your business. With only 20% of all business actually selling successfully – who you work with, make a HUGE difference.



And with over $7 BILLION in businesses listed to date, they have the experience and tools you need to get you the payout you deserve.

In addition, ALL of our conversations are ALWAYS confidential so that:
1. Your employees stay put
2. Your customers don’t needlessly worry
3. Your competitors don’t take advantage of the situation

So, if you are serious about understanding what your business is worth, we are happy to do a complementary Market Pricing Analysis so that you have an idea of what your business could potentially score on the current market.

As The Industry Leader, Protecting Our Customers Is Priority #1.

Our paperwork and processes lead the industry – setting you up for success, peace of mind and security from reckless liability that you often find from other brokers.

In summary, why work with First Choice?

  • Reduce Your Risk
  • Experience Quick & Painless Processes
  • Enjoy Strict Confidentiality
  • Savor Top Shelf Professionalism
  • Indulge In An Unmatched Experience – Partnering with a company that is Selling businesses like yours across the country every day.

So, if you are interested in learning what your business is worth and potentially selling your business, please contact us HERE.

For a list of steps to selling your business and frequently asked questions, CLICK HERE.

We are looking forward to helping you and overachieving your expectations!